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UBC Mars Colony 

Project Airlock
phase II - August 2021

What is this?
Project Airlock is an intercollegiate engineering competition where teams will be designing and prototyping sustainable habitation for colonies without atmospheres.
Our team, UBC Mars Colony, agrees that colonization of Mars presents the complications of a lack of pressure, no breathable atmosphere, extremely cold temperatures, and hazardous perchlorates in the soil. However, this doesn't mean it can't be solved. ​Project Airlock aims to tackle these issues. 
By pushing the boundaries of what is possible, Project Airlock will challenge university students to establish a multidisciplinary team to design/build a functional airlock for use on Mars.
Phase I (Design) of the competition occurred in May, 2018. Huge thanks and congratulations to all participating teams. Our team formally invites you to Project Airlock: Phase II, regardless of your involvement in Phase I. We have simplified the scope significantly to allow for rapid design and prototyping of a functional airlock. This competition will give you the opportunity to listen in on various airlock designs, engage in conversation about space exploration, and get the chance to network with students from Canada's top engineering schools.
About Us
The UBC Mars Colony team is composed of UBC Engineering students who are passionate about developing suitable living conditions for research and habitation on Mars. 
With the belief that it is time for the world to start solving some of the difficulties of Mars colonization, the team wants to show that solving the challenges of experimentation, habitation, and cultivation on Mars is possible. 
The team provides opportunities for students to develop technical and communication skills through working as a multidisciplinary team.
January 2020
Stage 2: Design
​Now that you have registered, it's time for you to get cracking in designing your ultimate airlock. A preliminary abstract of your design, with concept images is due JANUARY 31, 2020 11:59 PM PST
February 2020 -July 2021
Stage 3: Prototype
We encourage teams to begin building as soon as possible to meet the deadline. Following the guidelines provided, create a functional prototype of your airlock design. Complete the 3-part video submission, fill out the submission form, and prepare a presentation prior to the competition weekend.
August 2021
Stage 4: Judging & Presentations
Teams that have successfully completed a prototype of their airlock will be invited to present their outcomes to a panel of judges and the public. Awards will be given to the top teams. Various social and professional network events will also take place during the weekend.
September 2019 - October 2019
Stage 1: Commitment
Build a team and commit to our competition by OCTOBER 31, 2019 11:59 PM PST. Start the challenge by hitting 'BEGIN MISSION' button on the bottom of this page. 
Join the Challenge

Registrations for Project Airlock are closed