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There is one mission: Create an airlock that will function in a human colony on Mars.


Your team's airlock will be crucial to providing a safe entryway into any sort of Martian habitat that can sustain an atmosphere for people to breathe.


Airlock: A chamber which acts as the interface between the external environment and a pressurized environment. This chamber is exactly what is required if we want to have livable spaces on Mars. The chamber must raise and lower the pressure on command to facilitate a safe entrance and exit from the Martian Colony.


Each design will be scored in several categories. 


The judging panel will consist of a mixture of professionals and academics in relevant industrial fields, as well as any individuals deemed qualified to assess and evaluate designs at UBC Mars Colony’s discretion. Note: To eliminate potential conflicts of interest, UBC Mars Colony will not be participating, as they are hosting the competition.

Please stay tuned for detailed scoring and deliverable guidelines.
 This page is under construction.