Phase I: Design (Complete!)

On the weekend of May 18th, 2019, various universities will come together to present their airlock design at Project Airlock: Phase I. UBC Mars Colony formally invites you to come and listen to the presentations, engage in panel discussions, and network with industry professionals.
Fred Kaiser Building, UBC
Room 2020
2332 Main Mall,
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4
Public Schedule:
Saturday, May 18th
9am - Judging Panel Introduction​​
10 am - University Presentation #1
11am - University Presentation #2
12pm - Free Time
1pm - Discussion Forum on the Exploration of Mars, the Moon, and Beyond
2:30pm - UBC Rocket Presentation  
Sunday, May 19th
9am - University Presentation #3
10 am - University Presentation #4
11am - UBC Design Team Presentation (TBD)
12pm - Free Time
1pm - UBC Mars Colony Presents: The Airlock
1:30pm - UBC Design Team Presentation (TBD)
2pm - Politics on Mars Discussion: Create and Debate
Monday, May 20th
10 am - Final Judge Questioning Period
11am to 2pm - TBD
2pm - Closing Ceremonies 
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